A Brief Rundown of Animals

Training Your Child to Welcome a Baby Home

Dogs are a man’s best friend. You can either choose to have a dog for company or you can use it for security among the many reasons why you may need a dog. Dogs tend to join a family and become an indispensable member. When dealing with a dog, you should know that there is a high likelihood that they will get attached to you and sow ill you. Therefore, when introducing a new member of the family, you should first know how to deal with your dog. So what steps should you take to prepare your dog for the new member of the family?

Make Sure That the Dog Is Not Reliant On You
A baby requires a lot of attention, and you may not have time to take care of your dog. Consequently, you should make sure that you teach your dog’s how to manage themselves. It is important that you use positive reinforcement such as treats from Betsy farms while training your dog.

Help Your Dog Adapt To New Smells
Dogs are very sensitive to smell. When they identify a particular smell, it triggers a particular reaction from the dog. Children have a lot of different smells. It is imperative that you introduce these smells to the dogs so that it can get accustomed to them in good time.

Feed The Dog Well When The Baby Is Around

You want the dog to associate the baby with positive things. When you do this, the dog will view the baby as a positive change in the house.

Reduce Attention Given To the Dog
Young children require you to focus on them at all times. Therefore, when the baby comes, it will take all the attention, which will leave your dog unattended. Before you introduce the baby, reduce the attention that you give to it.

Change the Routine That the Dog Is Used To
when there is a new baby in the house, everyone’s routine changes. The dog is also bound to have its routine affected. To avoid any hostility to change, it is important that you change the routine early enough. Change the time when the dog carries out activities such as feeding and bathing.

Teach Your Dog To Pay With The Baby
After children have grown, they tend to be playful. You should teach your dog to play with your baby without harming the child. Introduce safe toys that the child and the dog can play with while they are together.

Develop a taste for Your Dog
It can be risky to have the dog eat from your child’s plate. You need to teach it to eat from its plate . Buy food from Betsy farm and always make sure that the dog eats them from its plate.