Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Because motorcycle riders are much more likely to die from a crash than people riding in cars, it’s important to have the right safety gear. One of the major items included in motorcycle safety gear is the helmet. It’s important to choose one that fits properly and has been tested for safety.


While it may be tempting to choose the coolest-looking helmet, what’s more important than looks is safety. Check for a Snell sticker or a DOT sticker on the helmet, as this means the helmet has been tested for impact, penetration, retention, and peripheral vision to make sure it will provide suitable protection for a rider in case of an accident.

Type of Helmet

There are three main types of helmets. Shorty half-helmets aren’t recommended, and open-face helmets are only recommended for those who get goggles or a snap-on face shield that’s impact resistant to wear along with the helmet. Full-face helmets offer the most protection, as they cover the full face and the head, and are particularly recommended for sportbike riders.


Helmets that are brand new should feel slightly tight, but not uncomfortably so, as they will adjust a bit to the head’s shape with use. Measure the head around the widest part just above the eyebrows and over the ears and use a sizing chart to get an idea of the size needed, as helmet sizing can vary a bit between manufacturers. Once a helmet is on, the face shield shouldn’t be touching the chin or the nose, there shouldn’t be any gaps between the temples and the brow pads, and the cheek pads should be touching the cheeks.

Other Considerations

People who ride in groups may want to opt for helmets that have built-in communication features. Some helmets have wind reduction measures or integrated sunshades that can also make it more enjoyable to ride a bike. Those who ride a lot may want to spring for a high-end helmet, while beginners may want to stick to a less expensive option until they are sure they’re going to stick with motorcycle riding.

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