Where Do You Park Your Car? Country Car Care Vs. City Car Care

While modernisation is increasingly bridging the gap between rural ‘countryside’ areas and more urbanised regions, there still remain some characteristics that are unique for each type of environment. This is especially true for car owners who have very different experiences when it comes to driving, parking, and maintaining their cars in the two different environments.

The biggest difference between country and city environments is the infrastructure investment in both areas. Cities, even in largely undeveloped countries, feature tarmacked all-weather roads while in rural areas, even in developed ‘first world’ countries, you will probably find a number

of unpaved roads. The amount of traffic in countryside environments and city areas also differs greatly. This would have an effect on the car care needs for residents of both areas.

In most city environments, the average car owner resides in a multi-residence complex (usually a flat). Apartments have communal car park for all residents. These provide higher chances of your car being scratched or bumped. While some scrapes are more serious and may require a restorative paint job, most minor incidents leave a scuff mark without any significant structural damage. In such cases, you need to have a dependable provider of a mini-detail and car polish services. They can easily clean out your car and restore its exterior shine.

On the other hand, there’s an increased risk of your vehicle collecting dust while it is parked in the countryside. Countryside parking options are often found on unpaved surfaces. The countryside also features more seasonal vehicles. They are not used on a daily basis (tractors, hauling trucks and such), and are stationary for prolonged periods. You need to ensure that you move vehicles at least once a day, even if it’s just a few meters, to ensure their engines remain in proper working condition.

The cleaning process also needs to cover ‘unseen’ portions of the car. There may be significant dust and grime buildup in their undercarriages, interiors, and other surfaces. During rainy or winter conditions, you also have to factor in the mud. Under such conditions, your best cleaning solution is a thorough power wash.

Repainting your vehicle is an expensive task that most car owners prefer to avoid. The cityscape causes your paint job to deteriorate much faster than the countryside environment. If you use commercial car wash solutions, then the chemicals gradually degrade the quality of your paint job. There is also an increased risk of acidic rain due to carbon emissions from heavy traffic and other commercial activities. Under such circumstances, you need to have a Toughseal paint protection job. It preserves your vehicle while it’s parked in exposed areas, and also while you’re driving.

When you want a new car, you may have to sell your old one to fund the purchase. The resale market in the city is much more competitive and places a higher premium on aesthetic appeal. This is why you need to do a comprehensive pre-sale detail job. It will restore your car to its original glory. In the city, a well-detailed vehicle might raise your car’s selling price by thousands of dollars in the city.

In the countryside, how the vehicle runs is more important than how it looks. In many peri-urban regions, neighbours and amenities are miles away. You want a car that won’t break down in the literal middle of nowhere. Since your parking spot is likely to be isolated (and far from a mechanic), you need a lot of DIY. Erect a canopy to protect your car from rain and weather hazards. A covered shed can also protect your vehicle from wild birds and domestic animals that may do some damage.