One Site’s New List of the Best Aviation Events to Come is Worth a Look

The aviation industry is an exciting one, and not only for those who get to fly the planes. People from all walks of life enjoy seeing and hearing about aircraft, and there are many great ways to do so. One site’s recently compiled list of the the best aviation events scheduled for the coming year contains some truly appealing options.

An Exciting Year Filled with Aviation Shows, Conferences, Competitions and More

There are hundreds of aviation events held around the country each year, so those among the very best are always sure to be special. Some of the top picks on the new list include:

  • Future Travel Experience Global. Las Vegas is the American city that hosts the most conferences each year by far, and this is true of aviation-focused events, as well. The annual Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global show is one of the industry’s most exciting, where aviation companies and agencies from all around the world come together to show their plans and detail their recent achievements. While FTE Global does focus mostly on serving aviation industry professionals, there is always plenty for others to see and do. Combined with the inherent appeal of Las Vegas for many travelers, this helps make it a top destination for all who love aircraft.
  • International Aviation Geek Festival. If FTE Global caters to the pros, the International Aviation Geek Festival is proud to welcome amateurs. Founded and run by organizers who love airplanes of all kinds, the annual gathering maintains a fun, informal feel that is especially appealing to many. Attendees can count on seeing dozens of interesting aircraft, from legendary historical planes to the latest experimental ones. There are always plenty of enjoyable activities to take part in, making it easy to fill up every day’s schedule.
  • National Championship Air Races. One of the things that is most exciting about many airplanes is just how fast they can fly. This is most obviously true at the National Championship Air Races, an annual event that sees top pilots competing to complete airborne circuits as quickly as possible.

Fans of Aviation Have Never Had It Better

With many more events detailed in the new list, there will be plenty for aircraft enthusiasts to do and see throughout the coming year. Whether by attending an industry insiders’ event or watching some sky-based racing, fans will have many ways to indulge their passion.