Upgraded Points Lists The Best Aviation Events Every Passionate Air Travel Enthusiast Should Attend

Individuals who are passionate about flying and the world of aviation science attend events to expand their overall knowledge and network with people from all over the world who share their love of all things related to air-based travel. The sheer number of events held each year often makes it challenging to determine which ones will provide the best opportunities for learning. Upgraded Points lists the best aviation events that every aviation enthusiast should attend and the various benefits of each one.

EEA AirVenture Oshkosh

This multi-day event is full of exciting workshops, lectures, and product demonstrations, and is perfect for individuals who enjoy flying planes in a non-commercial capacity. The exhibition also includes several concerts as well as a 5K race that is free for event ticket holders. The closing event is the National Championship Air Race, which is a gathering of some of the most talented pilots in the country.

International Aviation Geek Fest

Individuals who share a passion related to commercial and international flight find the International Aviation Geek Fest to be a true celebration of all things air-travel related. The event is full of presentations from exceptional speakers and often includes chartered plane rides, airport tours, and other insider opportunities. Though it is smaller than some events, it provides attendees with the ability to network with a more modest-sized crowd and immerses them in aircraft culture.

AIAA Aviation Forum

The AIAA Aviation Forum is the premier networking event in the United States and is geared towards enthusiasts who are interested in the future of aviation. A variety of breakout sessions provide numerous educational opportunities with topics such as cybersecurity, federal regulation, and air traffic management offered. It is also a great place to connect with commercial airline professionals and develop a quality network.

Attending an aviation event is not only exciting but offers a plethora of rewarding opportunities. To learn more about these events and others be sure to check out Upgraded Points full list. With just a few clicks, it is possible to register for an aviation workshop and take a love of flying to a new level of enjoyment.