Car Insurance For Teenagers – Why Teens Pay More? Discover 5 Proven Tips to Reduce the Rates!

Car insurance for teenagers can be so expensive that it can raise most households’ insurance expenses at least fifty percent. For example, the rates for a teenage driver could be twice that for an adult driver. We usually wonder why the rates can differ so much since adults and teen drivers are almost equal in every aspect except for their age.

As we have all well known, teenagers are being considered as reckless drivers by insurance companies and that’s the most important reason why they are being required to pay higher premiums. Most teenagers have high curiosity level and love challenges. Therefore, we usually do not deny that teenagers are more likely to try new driving skills out compared to adults, and sometimes these are actually dangerous things to do while driving. Statistics also show that teenagers are involved in a higher number of car accidents than all other groups of drivers sum together. Therefore, it is obvious that teenagers have higher probabilities to crash a car.

It is normal that teenagers are worried that their parents cannot afford the costs of their car insurance. They can try following the tips below to attract lower rates from companies.

1. Drive a cheaper car which falls in the safe rating. Everyone love owning luxurious cars to show off their social status and it is undeniable that expensive cars normally have better quality in many ways. Sports cars are an example of luxurious and high risks cars. These cars combined with teenagers’ lacking in driving experiences often lead to disasters. Therefore, teenagers should ask their parents to get them smaller, cheaper and safer cars. Not only do these types of cars promise lower accident and theft rates, they also attract lower car insurance rates due to lower horsepower.

2. Try getting good results in school. Students with good results are often being rewarded in many ways. Insurance companies do that as well, by offering discounts for teenagers who are still studying and performing well in school or college. Therefore, teenagers should make an attempt to maintain their good grades if they have always been getting excellent results. Otherwise, work harder to achieve better grades.

3. Sign up for defensive driving courses. Cheaper car insurance for teenagers will be given out if they manage to pass these courses well. As they normally have insufficient driving experience, these courses will help improve their driving skills to be a better driver and minimize the chances of crashing cars.

4. Compare rates. Try to get quotes form a few insurance companies, at least three of them to compare their rates. Teenagers can go to their offices themselves or get their quotes online. The companies usually have their own webpage now. The rates of different companies usually differ depending on many factors. By comparing the rates, they can secure themselves with the car insurance for teenagers that are suitable for them in terms of cost and coverage.

5. Raise deductibles. Teenagers who opt for higher deductibles will be given lower premiums. They can consider raising deductibles to the maximum amount that they can afford to pay in the events of any mishaps to lower their premiums.